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To register a product in Gorenje and claim warranty, you can follow these steps.

3 Simple Steps for Gorenje Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You can claim your warranty right after you purchase the appliances via registration. For warranty registration, you should provide your personal and product information. Up to information for three products can be added by providing the required details.

  • On the support page, Gorenje has guided you on how to find the Model, Serial & ART number for every single appliance designed by them.

Step 2:

  • The date when you make the purchase is marked as the beginning of the warranty for the appliance that you are going to receive. Upon the emergence of a defect in the appliance, please reach out to them using the contact details provided in the warranty and inform them of the nature of the defect.

  • The proof of purchase must be provided after the request is made. They will notify you of the timing for visiting your location to evaluate or repair the appliance.

Step 3:

  • The appliance is intended for domestic use only and is designed for operation in a residential dwelling. The warranty is non-transferable and applies solely to goods sold and used within Australia.

  • When it comes to Appliances purchased in Australia, their products are accompanied by guarantees that are irremovable under the Australian Consumer Law.

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What is covered under the Gorenje Warranty?

The warranty encompasses any parts in the appliance found to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship, which will be replaced at no cost to the owner during the warranty period. This includes both parts and labor within Australia. Warranty service must be conducted by Asko Australia or an Authorized Service Agent exclusively. Under this warranty, Asko Australia or an Authorized Service Agent reserves the right to repair or replace any defective parts as deemed necessary. To the extent legally permissible, Asko Australia reserves the right to remedy a major failure in any manner permitted by section 261 of the Australian Consumer Law. Replaced parts become the property of Asko Australia.

  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

What is NOT covered under the Gorenje Warranty?

The warranty does not apply to damage or faults in the Appliance resulting from incorrect installation, usage, cleaning of filters, removal of blockages, or the use of detergents, oven trays, racks, and telescopic guides. It also excludes issues caused by vermin, rodent, or pest infestation, disruptions in supply services (power/water), neglect, and/or abuse. The warranty is void if the Appliance is used in a manner inconsistent with the specifications outlined in the User Guide or if any owner's modifications are made to the Appliance. Natural disasters such as floods, fire, lightning damage, or power surges are not covered. Using the appliance for commercial purposes or outside of a residential dwelling will also void the warranty. Additionally, the warranty will be void if the installation is carried out by an unauthorized person. To the extent legally permissible, no responsibility will be accepted for any direct or indirect loss or damage, personal injury, or additional expenses related to or caused by the Appliance. Any additional travel costs incurred outside the normal service areas covered by Asko Australia or an Authorized Service Agent will be the responsibility of the Appliance owner.

About Gorenje

Established in 1950 by Ivan Atelšek, Gorenje Australia stands as a prominent Slovenian major appliance manufacturer headquartered in Velenje, Slovenia. Holding the position as the fourth-largest household appliance manufacturer in Europe, Gorenje has undergone substantial growth since its inception. The Gorenje Group, an expansive entity, encompasses 83 subsidiary companies, with 59 situated beyond the borders of Slovenia. While renowned for household appliances, Gorenje's diverse portfolio extends to the manufacturing of ceramics, and kitchen and bathroom furniture. Additionally, the company offers services in the realms of energy, ecology, and trade.

Products of Gorenje

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