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3 Simple Steps for Fender Guitars Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Fender has three quick steps to register your instruments. First, an account has to be created to sign up, and then you should add your instrument or product manually or by typing your serial number, and access will be granted to get their orders, gears, products, and offers.

  • To verify the status of your order, you only need the order number, your email, and the billing zip code. Creating an account will also enable you to access your order history for added convenience.

  • They've dedicated a distinct page specifically for their warranty details and policy.

Step 2:

  •  If the instruments did not meet your expectations, You have the privilege to return them within 30 days of receipt for a refund to your credit card or exchange it for another product or instrument (harmonicas and In-Ear Monitors excluded). Subject to product availability, you have the option to exchange items for another of equal value (Fender Mod Shop instruments excluded).

  • In the event that you receive a product that is damaged or defective, you have the choice to return it for a replacement of the same or a comparable item. Fender will provide a prepaid shipping label to handle the costs of both sending the damaged item back and receiving the replacement.

  • Fender will assess whether the product is indeed damaged or defective at its discretion, and you must obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number to secure a shipping label.

  • In addition to addressing reported damages or defects, all returned items are required to be in their original, pristine condition, free from any indications of wear, harm, dents, or scratches. This also includes the inclusion of all original packaging, manuals, warranties, accessories, and other relevant items, if applicable. The processing of refunds will occur within a timeframe of 7 to 10 business days after the returned items have been received.

Step 3:

  • You can consistently depend on their customer support to offer ideal solutions for any inquiries, questions, or issues you might encounter regarding their products and services.

  • Customer support presents details regarding product specifications, the mod shop, product dating and maintenance, instrument service manuals, as well as Fender warranty repair.

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What is covered under the Fender Guitars Warranty?

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation provides a warranty for this Fender brand instrument, ensuring it is free from defects in materials and workmanship throughout the ownership of the original retail purchaser. However, certain components, including pickups, switches, jacks, controls, all other electrical parts, tuning machines, hardware, pickguards, plated surfaces, gig bags, cases, and case hardware, are covered for one year from the date of the initial purchase. To qualify for this warranty, the instrument must be purchased from an authorized Fender dealer and is subject to certain limitations. To make a warranty claim, you must provide proof of purchase or a sales receipt. Defective components that meet the criteria for coverage under this warranty will either be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of Fender, at no cost to the owner. For remedies that go beyond standard service repair of any Fender instrument, it is necessary to undergo an assessment and confirmation of the defect by an Authorized Fender Service Center. This evaluation should be accompanied by a direct recommendation to Fender for alternative solutions.

  • Limited lifetime warranty on Fender cable

  • 1-year limited warranty on IEM, accessories, and Bluetooth speaker

  • 2-year limited warranty on Electric Guitar and Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Amplifier and Pro Audio instruments

  • 5-year limited warranty on transferable fortis

What is NOT covered under the Fender Guitars Warranty?

The warranty does not cover several specific aspects, including fret wear, saddle wear, nut wear, strings, and batteries. It also excludes setups, adjustments, or routine maintenance of any kind. Damage to the instrument's finish, such as cracks, splitting, or warping of wood due to environmental factors like temperature or humidity changes, sun exposure, fire, moisture, body salts, acid perspiration, as well as contact with materials like vinyl, plastic, rubber, or non-Fender-approved polishes found in guitar straps or stands/hangers, is not covered. Furthermore, damage, corrosion, or rusting of hardware components due to humidity, salty air, or exposure to moisture, body salts, and perspiration are excluded from the warranty. Any damage resulting from customization or modification, as well as normal wear and tear on various parts of the instrument, case, or gig bag (including jacks, controls, switches, plated surfaces, tuning machines, pickguards, zippers, clasps, handles, latches, and case hardware), is not covered. Additionally, other forms of damage and deterioration stemming from normal usage, wear and tear, aging, accidents, neglect, abuse, or Acts of Nature are not included in the warranty. Any instrument with a missing, altered, or tampered serial number, instruments purchased from unauthorized sources other than an Authorized Fender® Dealer, or instruments that have been serviced by individuals not authorized by Fender, such as anyone other than a Fender Certified Technician at an Authorized Fender Service Center, are also not covered under this warranty.

About Fender Guitars

Fender entrenched its legs in Southern California, and its impact has been felt worldwide, spanning from recording studios to live performances and beyond. Fender instruments, amplifiers, and equipment have been embraced by a diverse spectrum of musicians, ranging from novices to the most celebrated artists. This wide adoption has not only solidified Fender's position as an esteemed leader in the industry but has also elevated it to the status of a global cultural icon. Even after nearly seven decades since Leo Fender crafted his inaugural electric guitar, Fender's influence has evolved beyond traditional instruments and accessories. It now extends into an array of groundbreaking digital experiences designed to inspire musical creativity and cater to musicians at every level, regardless of the stage they find themselves on.

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