3 Simple Steps for Black Jack Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • For warranty claims related to Black Jack, consumers should reach out to Torin's customer service department via phone or email. Torin is responsible for handling these claims.

  • When contacting them, ensure you have your receipt copy, model and serial number, and any other pertinent information readily available.

Step 2:

  • The manufacturer reserves the right to modify designs or enhance product lines and manuals at their discretion, without prior notice.

  • The limited warranty grants you specific legal rights, and you may also have additional rights that differ from state to state.

Step 3:

  • Certain states do not permit restrictions or exclusions on implied warranties or on incidental or consequential damages, so the aforementioned limitations might not be applicable to you.

  • The rights to repair or replace the products rest in the hands of the manufacturer. No third parties have that authorization.

  • During the warranty process, Black Jack may provide you with one of the following solutions: either a warranty replacement or warranty service during the warranty period.

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What is covered under the Black Jack Warranty?

For one year after you buy it (with proof of purchase), the manufacturer promises to fix or replace, free of charge, any part of the product that breaks because of a flaw in how it was built or the materials used.

  • 1-year limited warranty

What is NOT covered under the Black Jack Warranty?

The warranty won't cover issues caused by using the equipment incorrectly, not following instructions, or being rough with it. It also doesn't cover parts that naturally wear out over time, like belts or filters.

About Black Jack

Black Jack Automotive Tools offers a premium range of tools designed for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike. Their products are crafted with precision and durability in mind, ensuring you have the reliability you need for any automotive project. From high-quality jacks and stands to specialized wrenches and diagnostic tools, Black Jack provides everything you need to keep your vehicle in top condition. Whether you're performing routine maintenance or tackling complex repairs, trust Black Jack Automotive Tools to deliver superior performance and exceptional value.

Products of Black Jack

Service Jacks Bottle Jacks Jack Stands Creeper Seats Lug Wrenches Shop Creepers

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