3 Simple Steps for Black + Decker Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Submit a request form by selecting 'Warranty' as the request type, providing your product's name or model number, explaining the issue you are experiencing with the product, and including your contact details.

  • Kindly submit to get a response from the brand for your product.

Step 2:

  • Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • Upon receiving the email, you can provide any additional comments by replying directly to the email.

  • Sending additional details will assist the support staff in effectively addressing your issue.

  • After reviewing your issue, customer service representative will contact you.

Step 3:

  • When the staff contacts you, be sure to explain the problem you are having with your Black + Decker product in detail. Give particular information on the issue, the time it happened, and any troubleshooting actions you have previously tried. Include the model and serial number of your product.

  • The customer service representative will guide you through the warranty claim process. They may ask additional questions, request further documentation, or provide instructions for returning the product or arranging repairs. Follow their instructions carefully to ensure a smooth resolution.

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What is covered under the Black + Decker Warranty?

Black + Decker offers warranty coverage for their products, typically covering defects in materials or workmanship for a specified period. However, warranty coverage may vary depending on the specific product.

  • The Black and Decker products are covered by a 2 year Limited Warranty. This warranty guarantees that the product is free from material or craft defects for a 2 year period beginning on the day of purchase.

What is NOT covered under the Black + Decker Warranty?

If you have a Black and Decker product, it won't be covered by the warranty. This includes anything that's been manipulated or modified, damaged by abuse, neglect, abuse, or accident, dropped, crushed, or bent, water, moisture, firmware updates, incompatible products or accessories, or bought from an unauthorized retailer. It also won't cover application services from Black and Decker, third-party services, or wear and tear on your device.

About Black + Decker

American company Black + Decker is well-known for its power tools, home improvement, and appliance goods. With a history spanning more than a century, they are renowned for their creativity, dependability, and high caliber of workmanship. Black + Decker continues to be a dependable option for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike for anything from drills to kitchen appliances.

Products of Black + Decker

Led Cordless Stick Vacuum Led Cordless Stick Vacuum Cordless Drill Reciprocating Saw Angle Grinder Heat Gun

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