3 Simple Steps for BenQ Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The customer support department makes your way uncomplicated. Through that page, you can avail yourself of their services, such as information regarding warranty extension, repair service, downloading FAQs, and webshop support.

  • Three types of contact means are available to get in touch with them: live chat, form, or a direct phone call. The form may vary depending on the subject you choose, but product and personal information are common.

Step 2:

  • The extension of the warranty is from the standard 3 years to 5 years applicable for the BenQ interactive flat panel models. You don't have to register or extend your warranty for other products.

  • It is mandatory to complete the registration process within 30 calendar days from the date mentioned on the invoice. BenQ Customer Care Team sends you the official confirmation of your warranty extension.

  • Kindly be aware that the extension of the warranty is applicable solely to the user of the product, and providing proof of purchase is a mandatory requirement. The BenQ Helpdesk is looking forward to solving the queries related to the warranty extension.

Step 3:

  • Under EU rules, consumers generally have a right to return a product within 14 days. However, at BenQ, there is a more extended period of 30 days allowed for returning items.

  • Commencing from the moment your products arrive at the designated shipping address, the return period begins. Upon reaching out to BenQ, they will furnish you with instructions detailing the process of returning the order.

  • BenQ expects the products to be returned in their original packaging, complete with all cables and accessories, without any damage.

  • A confirmation, including proof of return such as a tracking number, is required. Ensure that the shipping label displays the order number for your item(s).

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Phone Number

+44 02072 160039

Mon-Thu: 9am - 5pm, Fri: 9am - 4pm

Contact Address

14th Floor 33 Cavendish Square,
London-W1G 0PW,
United Kingdom.

What is covered under the BenQ Warranty?

The warranty for BenQ products is effective from the initial customer's purchase date. This warranty is transferable solely between end customers and necessitates the presence of the first customer's original proof of purchase, which should include the unit's serial number. Throughout the warranty period, BenQ is committed to repairing or replacing any defective hardware with factory-refurbished parts and products. It's essential to note that all parts exchanged and BenQ products replaced under this warranty will become the property of BenQ.

  • 1 to 3-year warranty period

What is NOT covered under the BenQ Warranty?

The limited warranty for BenQ products does not extend to items not acquired directly from BenQ or an authorized reseller. It does not cover regular maintenance, the replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear, or the associated costs and risks of transportation for the customer. Additionally, any adaptations made to the product to comply with technical or safety standards in a different country than its original design are not covered. The warranty becomes void if the defect is caused by misuse, neglect, tampering, incorrect adjustment or installation, maintenance not in accordance with BenQ instructions, or negligence in product maintenance. This includes the use of non-BenQ parts, improper handling, exposure to unfavorable environmental conditions, use with incompatible or defective accessories, modifications or repairs performed by unauthorized providers, cases of force majeure, and damage by acts of God. Furthermore, the warranty excludes software not provided, developed, or authorized by the supplier, as well as mobile devices with damaged or incorrect identification labels (IMEI). Acts of God, such as lightning, flooding, weather events, earthquakes, or other natural disasters, also fall outside the scope of warranty coverage.

About BenQ

BenQ UK, a multinational corporation based in Taiwan, specializes in the sale and marketing of technology products, consumer electronics, and devices in the fields of computing and communications, all under the brand name "BenQ." The company's main headquarters is situated in Taipei, with five branch offices strategically located across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, China, Latin America, and North America regions. BenQ boasts a global workforce of over 1,600 individuals. The inception of BenQ's mobile phone lineup began with the release of the M775C in 2003. With a presence in over 100 countries, the "BenQ" brand has established itself as a prominent player in the international market.

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