3 Simple Steps for Anolon Cookware Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Warranty claims can be made by submitting a ticket and filling up a few details such as your name, email, subject, and the topic of the inquiry. Anolon guides you on what kinds of products should not be sent to them with image depictions.

  • A well-organized customer service, exclusive offers, and information about the products are possible following the registration of the products that you have purchased.

Step 2:

  • The products that have not met your expectations can be returned without exceeding thirty days from the date of delivery including the original purchase receipt. You should return the products in original packaging and in new, and unused condition.

  • Reimbursements are issued using the original payment method. In the case of credit card transactions, it might take up to two billing cycles for the refunded amount to reflect on your statement. The shipping charges will not be included in the refund amount.

Step 3:

  • You will be contacted by the customer support team within 1-3 business days after the ticket is submitted to them. The same ticket that you used for the warranty claim should be used for the return.

  • Should you require any assistance during this process or if you have inquiries regarding the return policy, please feel free to contact them directly via email.

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What is covered under the Anolon Cookware Warranty?

Anolon promises that all products will be devoid of material or workmanship defects. Should any defects be identified during the warranty period, the manufacturer will replace or repair the affected products.

  • Limited lifetime warranty

What is NOT covered under the Anolon Cookware Warranty?

The warranty will become void in cases of overheating, improper use in ovens or broilers, damage caused by sharp metal utensils or other appliances on nonstick product surfaces, the application of oven cleansers or scouring pads, negligence in cleaning, and the use of dishwashers on product lines that are not designated as safe for dishwasher use.

About Anolon Cookware

In 1986, Anolon introduced the hard-anodized nonstick pan, marking the beginning of a nearly four-decade journey. Throughout this period, Anolon has consistently crafted pots, pans, and tools with meticulous consideration for the exacting requirements of chefs. These items are thoughtfully designed, carefully manufactured, and perpetually functional. Anolon's cookware adheres strictly to FDA regulations throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that all layers of nonstick coating are safe for food contact. Constructed from premium materials and engineered for durability, convenience, and sustained performance, Anolon gourmet pots and pans promise years of enjoyable cooking experiences.

Products of Anolon Cookware

Roasters Steamers Lids Cake Pans Spring Form Pans Griddles Grill Pans

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