• 15 Jul, 2023

Looking for the preferred method to claim Skullcandy warranty. Here it is!

3 Simple Steps for Skullcandy Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You can have your user account registered on the Skullcandy website. It will help you have faster checkouts, save multiple shipping addresses, access your order history and track your order status. It is also important for warranty claims.

  • You can create it by providing your basic details like first name, last name, email address along with the detailed address.

Step 2:

  • You can use their app for hassle-free product registration which will be user-friendly and easy to access the details anywhere and anytime.

  • You must fill out the warranty claim form on their website with necessary personal and product details like serial number and model number along with proof of purchase like sales receipt or invoice.

  • Their team will evaluate the issue and send you the shipping details for the claim if your product is eligible. It will be through your registered email address.

  • You must send your product with the details asked from their end with an RMA number for identification. They will then do the repair or replacement as per the situation and send it back to you.

Step 3:

  • You can rely on Skullcandy’s customer support for all of your needs including warranty claims. They have dedicated teams for each of your issues who are dedicated to resolving it.

  • First of all, You will have to provide your details, followed by your queries and concerns. Technical support, orders & returns, warranty claims, product registration, product information are the important areas handled by their expert team to guide you.

Phone Number


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Contact Address

6301 N Landmark Dr,
Park City, UT 84098,
United States

What is covered under the Skullcandy Warranty?

Skullcandy provides every product manufactured by them with a one-year limited warranty immediately from the date of purchase with an exception to soft goods which may be eligible for an exchange, refund, or coupon code within 30 days of the date of purchase. Only products purchased from authorized sellers or directly from their website are covered in the claim. If the product is found defective within the period, You are free to apply for the claim and have your product repaired or replaced at its sole discretion. In some cases, You may receive a warranty credit in replacement which will always be equal to the purchase price of the product. Note that Skullcandy always holds the right to inspect the product in the claim and determine its eligibility.

  • 14-Day Return Policy.

  • 1-Year Global Warranty.

What is NOT covered under the Skullcandy Warranty?

In general, Skullcandy has serious restrictions on what is covered in the claim. Hence they are not liable for any kind of consequential, incidental, or indirect damages under this limited warranty. Products purchased from illegal sources that are not authorized; not having proper proof of purchase and product details; damaged due to accidents, neglect, normal wear & tear, improper care & maintenance; unauthorized modifications or repairs; loss or theft and cosmetic damage always eliminate the claim. You can always check the product manual to know specific details of the product to know what is excluded in the claim.

About Skullcandy

Skullcandy has become a highly sought-after audio brand due to its unique combination of style, cost-effectiveness, and superior sound quality. Targeting the youth market, the brand offers a broad selection of headphones, earbuds, and speaker models that are suitable for a variety of lifestyles and preferences. Being popular among music aficionados and fashionistas, Skullcandy’s products are characterized by their bright colors, stylish designs, and robust construction. The brand’s dedication to providing an immersive audio experience, combined with its affordable pricing, has enabled it to become increasingly popular among consumers who are looking for both performance and style in their audio accessories.

Products of Skullcandy

Headphones Earbuds Speakers Gaming Accessories

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