3 Simple Steps for Metalux Lights Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The correct way to obtain solutions for warranty claims is by contacting the customer support team, who are very knowledgeable in this field.

  • If you still need assistance after visiting their contact page, please fill out the support form, and they will respond as soon as possible.

Step 2:

  • The warranty for these fixtures does not cover yellowing or color shifting in light guides or lenses made from these materials.

  • The manufacturer does not provide any warranties, whether express or implied, regarding the yellowing or color shifting of such light guides and lenses.

Step 3:

  • Poles installed without luminaires or with unapproved devices like banners, pennants, cameras, or signs not designed for the pole are also not covered under the warranty policy. 

  • Furthermore, the warranty does not include problems related to the foundation or conditions at the installation site.

  • During the warranty process, Metalux Lights may provide you with one of the following solutions: either a warranty replacement or warranty service during the warranty period.

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What is covered under the Metalux Lights Warranty?

Metalux guarantees the original purchaser that the factory-installed electrical system will be free from material and workmanship defects for a specified period from the date of product shipment. Products found to be defective within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced.

  • 1-year standard limited warranty on LM1 - COOPER POLES, LP1 - LUMARK INDOOR, LP4 - COOPER, LR2 - REGENT, LS1 - FLEXILUME

  • 10-year standard limited warranty on LP2 - Ephesus

What is NOT covered under the Metalux Lights Warranty?

The warranty does not cover failures caused by abnormal site conditions. Normal aging of the finish is not considered a manufacturing defect and is not covered under this warranty. Additionally, the warranty excludes pole failure due to third-party actions, misuse, unintended use, fatigue, or issues from vibrations, harmonic oscillation, or air current-induced resonance.

About Metalux Lights

Metalux is the trusted partner for contractors and specifiers seeking reliable indoor lighting solutions. For over 50 years, Metalux has set the standard for quality and reliability, meeting the high demands of its customers. Offering exceptional value, Metalux helps reduce costs and energy consumption while enhancing productivity. The extensive product line includes LED lighting options such as recessed, linear, and industrial fixtures. Featuring the most connectivity and control options available, the Metalux industrial lighting portfolio enhances safety, ensures code compliance, and introduces new efficiencies.

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