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3 Simple Steps for Cooler Master Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • To complete the product registration process, kindly fill out the form, providing essential details including your personal information such as full name, contact information, and residential address.

  • The status of your warranty can be inspected once you supply the serial number of the product, which is visible on the printed barcode on the Cooler Master products.

Step 2:

  • Returning the product can be done within the first two years after you make the purchase. All products should be returned to the dealer or reseller for a replacement. You cannot send back the products without prior approval and an RMA number.

  • You should contact the customer support team, which can provide assistance and instructions on how to return the products that are under the warranty period and cannot be sent back to the dealer.

  • Within the warranty duration, your product will undergo repair or replacement at no cost, with the exception of any associated shipping and handling fees. Customer support will not provide an RMA number unless it is requested.

Step 3:

  • You might possess additional rights that differ based on your state or jurisdiction. It is recommended to refer to the relevant state, provincial, or local laws for guidance.

  • The customer support page serves as a comprehensive solution for various support-related matters, including support ticket requests, checking warranty status, accessing forums, signing up for newsletters, and more.

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What is covered under the Cooler Master Warranty?

The Cooler Master warranty aims to provide assurance to users of Cooler Master products, ensuring that these items are free from defects arising from faulty manufacturing or components, subject to the specified terms and conditions. The original customer who purchased the Cooler Master product is included in the Cooler Master Warranty Program. Any parts that are replaced during warranty service become the property of the Cooler Master.

  • 1-year warranty for most of the products

  • 3-10 year warranty on power supply units

What is NOT covered under the Cooler Master Warranty?

The warranty program does not extend to the software aspect of a product or any product that has incurred damage due to accidents, misuse, abuse, improper installation, usage contrary to product specifications and instructions, natural or personal disasters, or unauthorized alterations, repairs, or modifications. It explicitly excludes damages unrelated to manufacturing defects and any use of the product in environments deemed unsuitable by Cooler Master. The warranty policy also excludes products that have been modified without official permission, with defaced, modified, or removed serial numbers or warranty stickers. Third-party products utilizing Cooler Master components are not covered, and customers are advised to consult their vendor or the manufacturer for servicing information. Repair or attempted repair by unauthorized individuals, damages during shipment, and unauthorized alterations to Cooler Master products will void the warranty. Cooler Master retains the right to refuse service for products altered, modified, or repaired by non-Cooler Master service personnel. The warranty does not guarantee that the product will meet specific requirements, and customers are responsible for determining the product's suitability for their intended purpose. Removal or installation charges are not covered, and customers are responsible for shipping costs to the Cooler Master, with the Cooler Master covering the return shipping costs. The warranty does not cover product malfunction or damage resulting from liquids or moisture. Additionally, accessories such as USB cables, extension cables, adapter cables, adapters, power cords, screws, retention brackets, ear cups, and similar items are not covered if they malfunction due to physical damage. Wear and tear resulting from the natural aging of materials is also excluded from the warranty.

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Cooler Master UK recognizes the meticulous selection of components, considering factors such as price, functionality, and aesthetic preference. Each choice reflects your unique personality, transforming from hardware decisions to a personalized and immersive experience. Whether it's crafting custom PCs or designing entire gaming rooms, Cooler Master encourages every decision to mirror your identity. The commitment to enhancing and perfecting creations is precisely what positions Cooler Master as a leader in thermal innovation today.

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