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3 Simple Steps for Ford Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • As soon as you discover a problem with your vehicle, check out the nearest Ford Motor Company dealer and bring it to their location. Warranty repairs should be completed within a reasonable time frame, ensuring they are finished within thirty days.

  • Ford provides you with the privilege to claim the warranty coverage even if you have no receipts for maintenance or are not capable of proving those activities of scheduled maintenance.

Step 2:

  • The predicament repairs under the warranty period can be handled by any service stations or by you when the Ford Motor Company dealer is not able to locate or it takes more than thirty days to get it fixed by using Ford equivalent replacement parts.

  • You can enhance the safeguarding of your new car or light truck with the acquisition of Ford Protect. These service contracts are supported by either Ford Motor Company or Ford Motor Service Company, providing comprehensive coverage for added peace of mind.

Step 3:

  • There is no use in getting the Ford Protect coverage for individuals who live outside the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the District of Columbia.

  • Spill the beans that you have in your mind to the well-talented customer support team, who provide you with solutions by considering innovative approaches.

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What is covered under the Ford Warranty?

The new vehicle limited warranty is valid under the condition that your Ford vehicle is correctly operated and maintained, and if it was brought to a Ford dealership for a warranted repair within the warranty period. In such cases, authorized Ford Motor Company dealers will, at no cost, repair, replace, or adjust any parts on your vehicle that malfunction or fail during normal use within the applicable coverage period due to a manufacturing defect in factory-supplied materials or workmanship.

  • 3-year or 36000 miles warranty on bumper-to-bumper

  • 5-year or 60000 miles warranty on the powertrain

  • 5-year or 100000 miles warranty on diesel engine

What is NOT covered under the Ford Warranty?

The warranty does not cover damages resulting from accidents, collisions, theft, vandalism, or riots, as well as fire or explosions. Additionally, it excludes damages caused by using contaminated or improper fuel/fluids, customer-applied chemicals, accidental spills, or driving through water deep enough to ingest any component, such as powertrain components. Misuse of the vehicle, such as driving over curbs, overloading, racing, or using the vehicle as a permanent stationary power source, is also not covered. The New Vehicle Limited Warranty also excludes any damage resulting from alterations or modifications of the vehicle, installation or use of non-Ford Motor Company parts or software, tampering with the vehicle or emissions systems, or tampering with other parts that affect these systems.

About Ford

Ford is more than just a corporation; it is a family that extends across the world, bound by shared values and ideals. They prioritize service not only to their customers but also to each other and the global community. Across generations, people have woven their memories with Ford, intertwining them with their hopes and dreams. With over 120 years of history, Ford has continually adapted to and driven change. This legacy propels them to evolve, shifting their focus to encompass not only vehicles but also services, experiences, and software. Like the leaders who came before them, Ford recognizes that by contributing to a world with fewer barriers and more opportunities, they empower individuals to progress and thrive.

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